Working Session 10

Recycling waste and competition law (or the need for a clean market for a dirty business)

The identification of the goals of the antitrust policy has afflicted policy makers for more than one hundred years. Initially conceived to protect farmers against the abuse of the trusts in the United States, its goals evolved from time to time, from place to place. The rising concerns about environmental issues have led several governments, under pressure by public opinion, to take effective measures to fight deforestation, global warming, toxic waste and other hazards to the balance of the eco-systems. The Working Session will discuss how the recent cases in different jurisdictions reflect the concerns of the global civil society with environmental issues, with particular attention to antitrust issues in the waste management sector.


Session Schedule:

09.00 – 12.00 on Friday 4 September



Richard Ryan, Arthur Cox, Ireland

Grégoire Ryelandt, Crowell & Moring, Belgium

Agnieszka Łoniewska, DZP, Poland

Rosa Peña, Roca Junyent, Spain

Frida Mattson, Vinge, Sweden

Fabienne Gribi, Baer Karrer, Switzerland

Eoin Cassidy, Mason Hayes & Curran, Ireland

Giuseppe Cristiano, Dejalex, Italy

John Redmayne, ERP Recycling, UK


COMMISSIONS: Antitrust / Environmental and Energy Law



Pablo Cubel



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