London, AIJA is coming!


We are already well advanced with the London Congress programme thanks to the very enthusiastic commission responses for London. Please see across the page.

The commissions want to bring you big themes, often with a London connection  –  for instance “Banking in the Cross-hairs”, and “Art Law”, “Forum Shopping in Insolvency” to name just a few. Many commissions want to offer joint working sessions – so collaboration is a big trend. Lots of you are being interdisciplinary! We, as work coordinators, will do our best to ensure that your experience at the London Congress will be professionally as rewarding as possible. To do that we will work actively with the commissions, but also with the London Organising Committee. We look forward to working with all our AIJA commissions, to bring you an exciting programme. We are confident that at the London Congress you will gain plenty of new ideas and know-how for your practice as well as get familiar with the latest trends in the industry. What could be a better place to do that, than in London. We are your friendly co-ordinators, here to get a great programme ready for you on time.

See you in London for a great congress!



Ferenc Ballegeer


William Healing


Henna Kinnunen
Work Coordinators, Congress 2015